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Classic SweetCakes

$40/Dozen (One color only for Vanilla, Lemon, Red Velvet, or Birthday Cake & the remaining flavors of Chocolate and Strawberry the icing color cannot be substituted.




-Red Velvet


-Birthday Cake

Signature SweetCakes


-Cookies n' Cream           


-Strawberry Shortcake   

 -Strawberry Lemonade

-Lemon Lavender     

-Peaches n' Cream

-Caramel Popcorn Festival

SweetCakes with Swirl Designs & Classic SweetCake Flavors

$55/ Dozen for two colors

$60/Dozen for three colors




-Red Velvet


-Birthday Cake

Alcohol Infused SweetCakes


-Nilla Bean Henny Hangover

-Champagne Rose

-Strawberries n' Cream


-Brunch of Oranges   

SweetCake Add-Ons

-Add Sprinkles to any SweetCakes $5/Dozen

-Add Gold, Silver, or Rose Gold $10/Dozen

-Add Leopard or Polka Dot Pattern $15/Dozen

Number & Alphabet Cakes

$150 - 2 Layered Decorated Cake w/icing 

3 Color Max

Toppings: Candy, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Chocolate Candy Molds (Mini Candy for example), and/or Themed Toys

Custom Cookies

1 Dozen = 4 Designs Max

2 - 3 Dozen = 8 Designs Max

5+ Dozen = 12 Designs Max

Tier One - Basic Set w/3 colors $60/Dozen

Tier Two - Basic Set w/4 colors $70/Dozen

Tier Three - Any Themed Set w/characters $9/Cookie with a minimum of a dozen to order

Tier Four - Hand Drawn Custom Cookies $98/Dozen

*All cookies are Vanilla Almond unless another flavor is requested.*

Signature Cookie Flavors

All specialty cookies are an additional $30 to any selection made above

-Chocolate Chip

-Strawberry Shortcake

-Strawberry Lemonade


-Cookies n' Cream

Custom Cookie Add-ons:

- Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, add $10 to your total


$50/Bakers Dozen (13)

-Vanilla Bean

-Chunky Monkey

-Cookies n' Cream

-Lemony Lemon

-Birthday Cake

-Strawberry Cheesecake

-Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Covid DIY SweetCake Kit


This set comes with 3 Dozen SweetCakes, 3 icing bags, and half cup of sprinkles

Covid DIY Cookie Kit


This set comes with 2 Dozen cookies, 3 icing bags, and a half cup of sprinkles

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